Here's What Our Customer's Have to Say:

Today was a long day. At 5A.M. Dinky went out to tinkle and ran face first into a skunk. He then proceeded to run into the house and scrub himself on the living room carpet! I wrapped him in a towel immediately and bathed him in baking soda, peroxide, and dawn. It helped but the entire house smelled horrible. I didn't want to clean it myself and make it worse so I contacted the professionals. My usual guys, Master Clean, were booked up. They referred me to RJ's Carpet cleaning. They answered me right away. They told me that they had a new product that was great for odors, but had never used it on skunk. It worked wonders!!!! There is no trace of the smell at all. The only thing I wish they could have done was spray the dog!

Jasmine N Schaefer

RJ's was quick to respond after a disasterous night with one of our dogs. Called to see if they could come today, realizing it was fairly far fetched, and someone was at our house in an hour! So nice to have someone who understands emergencies and makes things happen

Aliscia Meyer

Justin came out and did our office building AND our home and did a spectacular job! Everything looks and smells so nice! I highly recommend these guys! Great work!!

Lisa Shepperson-Garnhart

Justin did an amazing job on our carpets, after our renters stained them so badly. They look brand new again! Thank you SO much!!

Natalie Shein Potter

We bought a used Suburban a few months ago. It smelled so bad like cigarette smoke it was like rolling around in an ash tray. We did everything to try to clean it and air it out nothing worked. I decided to call Rj's Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning to see if they could clean the carpet and the seats. They recommended their Just Gone service that is specifically for odor removal. It worked so well I was very happy. I can't smell the cigarette smoke at all now. Also it didn't smell like harsh chemicals or perfumes. It is mostly just clean and odorless. Very worth it.

Laurel Davies

Cleaned up grout in kitchen tile quickly and efficiently. Great job Justin !

Ted Rasmussen

RJs carpet cleaning was great! They were so flexible with our moving in schedule and several of our friends and family have asked if the carpet is new! They also did a spray that took the 3 cat smell out of the house! Thank you RJs!

Katie Kugler Daigle

Rave to RJ's Carpet Cleaning. After bringing home a new baby, our dogs got jealous, and their most recent behavior included using our basement for a toilet. I called yesterday, and Justin was able to fit us in first this morning to get our carpets clean and all of the pet odor out. Thanks again, Justin Juarez!

Jenny Lee

Awesome job on my carpets! They look new! I recommend you to everyone I know.

Anna Smith

Awesome job. I'm very happy with my carpets. Very awesome experience.

Amanda Stanford

Did a wonderful job with everything, very prompt on the phone, with flexible schedule. Even went above and beyond. Highly recommended!

Will Davis

Excellent service, prices, and a really deep clean well done. They quoted a great price and followed through on it, even when it was a really bad carpet. They got it beautifully clean, stain-free, and smelling good the day after we called. I highly recommend them.

Megan R.