Make Your Floors Sparkle

Make Your Floors Sparkle

Tile and grout cleaning services in Casper, Douglas, WY & surrounding areas

You chose a tile floor because of its many benefits. It looks great in your space. Tile feels cool underfoot during the hot summer months. Your pets can spill water all over the floors and it’s not a problem.

Even though tile flooring was an excellent choice for your house, the main drawback is keeping it clean. The tiles may be easy enough to mop, but the grout is hard to reach.

That’s where RJ’s Carpet & Upholstery comes in. We specialize in tile cleaning that is designed to preserve the beauty of your floors.

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Restore shine to your floors

No one wants to walk barefoot on floors that look stained. It’s especially difficult to combat blemishes on tile floors. Let the tile and grout cleaning experts help you out.

A professional tile and grout cleaning prevents:

  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Stains
  • Dirty appearance
  • Premature aging


If you’re tired of dingy floors, you need the professionals. Contact us today to make your tile as good as new.